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Have you ever missed an announcement or an event with the Smoking Glass? We have all our wrap up videos to help keep you in the know with The Smoking Glass. We want you to feel apart of our community so even if you can't make it you can join the fun by watching our videos.


Have you ever saw a piece online and what to know more? Wanted to see it against something that real and not just floating in a screen of white? Have you been burned buying a beautiful glass piece online that looks huge but when it gets to your house it's doll-sized with a wacky paint job? Here at the Smoking Glass, we make review videos, so you never have to worry! We have reviews all of our high-quality products so you can see how all of our products look in real human hands. We want you to feel confident when you buy from our online store so make sure to use our review videos to help make your decision.

Tales from the smoking Glass

Tales from The Smoking Glass is our premiere web series for The Smoking Glass Lounge. Join Jesse, Paul, Demetri, and all our other employees at The Smoking Glass in this episodic series. Modeled as an anthology series after shows such as The Twilight Zone and Black Mirror, each episode takes a unique storytelling approach, each carrying a brand new setting and cast of characters. Get to know our employees, store, and products while engrossing yourself in each twist-heavy story!

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