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Niko Cray is an American Glass artist from St. Louis that specializes in broiled pipe glass pieces.

In the past ten years, Niko has built an enormous online following with over 55,000 followers on Instagram and has a dedicated group of fans that buy up every glass piece even before they're made.

Niko is best known for this Shark Attack collection where he makes his signature chubby shark pieces. You can really feel the inspiration that he draws from graffiti and street art in his pieces.

Niko is also known for his collaborations with various glass artist in the scene to create some highly recognizable pieces. If you love heady glass then a Niko Cray piece is the statement piece to have in your gallery.

The Smoking Glass is very lucky to have a great partnership with Niko Cray, and we currently have four of his shark attack collection for sale in our shop.

Niko Cray

Niko Cray

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